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The 5th generation of the Theragun Pro features a redesigned brushless motor that's quieter but as powerful as it's always been. its redesign now includes visually-guided, built-in routines and new attachments for personalisation.

Pros Cons
+ Strong battery life - Bang for buck is not there
+ Great stall force - Not great for your average fitness enthusiast
+ Reall great for deep tissue treatment - On the larger size, so not great to travel with

The Therabody Revolution

The Theragun, now known as Therabody, is credited with igniting the craze for self-administered percussive therapy. With its presence dominating Instagram and endorsed by celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, the device has evolved into four distinct models catering to various budgets. Additionally, it is part of a broader product lineup, including the TheraFace and RecoveryAir boots.

The brand's expansion culminated in the rebranding to Therabody, reflecting its commitment to inclusivity. Nevertheless, its flagship product remains the power drill-like massager, promising relief comparable to a Swedish massage.

Amidst numerous imitations flooding the market, the Theragun Pro stands out for its refined design and quieter operation. Its noise output, akin to an electric toothbrush, enhances usability, making it a discreet option even during a post-workout Netflix session.

Despite differences in price and features across the Prime, Elite, and Pro models, they share a consistent design with interchangeable attachments for versatile massage options. The Mini offers enhanced portability, suitable for those prioritizing convenience without sacrificing performance.

The Theragun Pro distinguishes itself further with a rotating arm for reaching challenging areas and an OLED display for monitoring usage. Additionally, Therabody introduces wireless charging for select models, enhancing convenience.

Functionally, Theragun maintains its effectiveness through percussive therapy, mimicking the tapotement technique of Swedish massage. Its versatility caters to various scenarios, from post-exercise recovery to pre-sleep relaxation.

The integration of Bluetooth enhances the Theragun Pro's usability, fostering a seamless experience that doesn't require elite athleticism to navigate effectively.

For those familiar with percussive therapy, the Prime or Elite models offer compelling options, while the Mini stands out for its unparalleled portability. However, the Pro model delivers the ultimate massage experience, now with reduced noise levels for a more enjoyable session.

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Need to know

Weight 1.25kg
Amplitude 16mm
Speed settings 5
Battery life 150 minutes
Included accessories 6 attachments, USB cable and adapter, battery, attachment pouch, soft case

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